Friday, 23 March 2012

Russell's Teacher Training Website

What is it about?                                                                   
Russell's Teacher Training Videos is a great information source for language teaching, learning, and teacher development. There are videos for ESL/EFL and for learning ICT. There are a great number of videos recorded by Russell, teaching us how to use software or websites step by step and also tips for language teaching. In addition to English language teaching, there are also a lot of tools that can be used to teach all languages.

Why is it good to language learning?                                    
Using ICT in ELT is a trend. With the aid of ICT, learning autonomy and learners' motivation can be generate. It also breaks the boundary of classroom and connect learning inside the class to the world outside. Though there are so many advantages, we are sometimes worried about our own ability of using ICT in ELT classroom. This website helps us to learn the technology and also provides us with ideas to use it in language teaching and learning.

How can it be used?                                                              

For Teachers:
  1. By watching the videos, we can learn the technology step by step. There are also videos in which Russell shares ideas or tips of using particular websites in ELT classrooms.
  2. By taking a look at TOP 20 Training Videos, we can know what other teachers around the world are interested in and use in their classrooms.
  3. The videos on this website is updated. Follow the latest videos and we can learn the latest tools or find the latest websites for language learning and teaching.
  4. Sign up for the newsletter and you can automatically get the latest useful information from the free monthly newsletter. 
For Students:
  1. Here is a part called Videos to Recommend to students. Useful websites for language learning are introduced in the videos. Students can learn how to use these websites by watching the videos. These are also authentic listening materials.
  2. When we integrate ICT in some tasks, for example, asking students to record an oral presentation about their favorite tourist attraction by using myBrainShark, students can watch the video to learn how to use the website and review the video whenever they forget any detail.
What are the limitations?                                                     
Though there are a lot of tools and resources, we need to consider the constrains and challenges in our own teaching contexts to adjust the use of ICT in ELT.

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